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At KP Glas, bottlers and juice producers will find a wide selection of empty juice bottles. Our glass bottles come in different sizes, colors and mouth types, such as twist-off, MCA screw cap or crown cork. Whether for small customers or large customers, benefit from our wide selection and our low prices.

The applications for our juice bottles are almost unlimited: Juices from fruits and vegetables, nectar, lemonade, milk, cocoa. But our bottles are also suitable for smoothies, sauces, syrups or concentrates .

Our assortment glass bottles includes different colors, such as white, green or brown.juice bottles are with crown corks, screw cap or swing stopper available. With us you will find the optimal juice bottle for your needs.

Juice Bottle Catalogue

  • juice bottles / water bottles (26)
  • Beer bottles (37)
  • Wine bottles (19)
  • Beverage crates (7)
  • 200ml (5)
  • 250ml (5)
  • 275ml (1)
  • 330ml (21)
  • 500ml (12)
  • 700ml (1)
  • 750ml (17)
  • 1000ml (7)
  • 2000ml (1)
  • green (14)
  • white (23)
  • brown (24)
  • black (2)
  • blue (1)
  • feuille-morte (2)
  • antik (3)
  • lichtgrün (2)
  • gold (1)
  • red-white (1)
  • Reuseable (33)
  • One way (37)

Empty juice bottles to fill. Our top sellers at a glance:

  • Crop neck: The crop neck is a type of bottle that is notable for its slender, tall shape and characteristic taper in the upper region. These bottles are often suitable for alcoholic beverages such as brandy or liqueurs, but also for high-quality juices or syrups.

  • Fruit juice: these bottles are usually rounded and have a wide base to increase the stability of the bottle. They often come in a variety of sizes and are typically used for bottling fruit juices or smoothies.

  • Longneck: Longneck bottles are slender and long and have a characteristic taper at the top. These bottles are often used for beer or soda pop and are also popular with juice manufacturers looking for a more unusual bottle type.

  • Ale: Ale bottles have a short, thick shape and are usually made of dark glass to protect the beer from light. These bottles are typically used for beer and ale.

  • Carrot: Carrot bottles have a round base and a narrow, long shape that resembles a carrot. These bottles are often used for syrups or sauces and are also popular with juice producers looking for an unusual bottle type.

  • VDF: VDF bottles are usually slim and cylindrical and have a wide base for more stability. These bottles are often used for wine or spirits and are available in different sizes.

The juice bottle

Juice bottles are the ideal choice for storing liquid beverages such as juice or nectar. They are available in different sizes and materials, including glass, plastic and aluminum. The choice of the right material depends on the requirements and preferences of the user, as well as the properties of the content.

Juice bottles made of glass are particularly hygienic and harmless, as they do not release any chemical substances that could affect the taste. When choosing a juice bottle, the mouth is also important. Glass juice bottles are durable and can be used several times.

There are a variety of different types of juice and juices that are bottled in glass. Here are some of the most common:

Fruit and vegetable juices: these juices can be made from a variety of fruits and vegetables, including oranges, apples, tomatoes, carrots and green juices.

  • Fruit juice concentrates: these juices are made from fruit and then concentrated to reduce volume and facilitate transportation and storage.
  • Nectars: These juices are thicker and sweeter than regular fruit juices and often contain sugar and additives.
  • Fruit juice drinks: These juices are often diluted and contain sugar, water and other additives.
  • Iced tea: This juice is made from tea and added sugar and other ingredients.
  • Smoothies: These juices are made from fruits, vegetables and dairy products and are often rich in vitamins and nutrients.

Buy juice bottles

Are you looking for empty bottles for juices in different sizes and designs? Then KP Glas is the right place for you! We offer a wide range of glass bottles for small and large customers, suitable for different fruit juices such as grape juice, apple juice, peach nectar and more.

Our fruit juice bottles are available in white glass, amber glass and green glass, providing optimal protection for your juices. You can choose between returnable and non-returnable bottles and have a choice of swing top, screw top juice bottles or crown corks with MCA mouth, twist-off mouth or crown cork mouth.

The filling volume of our juice bottles ranges from 150 ml up to 1000 ml, but other filling volumes are also available from us. At KP Glas you can also get VDF bottles, special bottles for juice filling for members of the Association of the German Fruit Juice Industry.

Association of the German Fruit Juice Industry (VdF)

Order your juice bottles from KP Glas now and benefit from our large selection and high quality!

Juice bottle manufacturer

There are many juice bottle manufacturers around the world, producing a variety of bottles in different sizes, shapes and materials. Trust in the quality and reliability of KP Glas.

Juice bottles for wine presses - what bottles are best?

A wine press house is a facility where fruits or vegetables are processed into alcoholic beverages such as wine, cider or brandy. Here are some of the steps that can occur in a typical winepress:

  • Harvest: The fruits or vegetables are harvested and taken to the wine press house.
  • Preparation: The fruits are washed, seeded and cut into pieces.
  • Fermentation: the fruit is fermented with yeast or other microorganisms in a closed container at a controlled temperature to produce alcohol.
  • Distillation: For some alcoholic beverages, such as schnapps, the fermented fruits are then distilled to increase the alcohol content.
  • Storage: The finished alcohol is then stored in barrels to mature and improve the taste and color.
  • Bottling: The alcohol is finally bottled and sold.

Depending on its size and specialization, a winepress may also include other steps, such as the production of additives like sugar or spices, or the use of special techniques like sparkling wine production.

If you run a winery, you know how important it is to present your alcoholic beverages in the right bottle. Choosing the right juice bottle can help your product catch the eye of customers and stand out from the competition.

One of the best options for wine presses are bottles made of glass. Glass is a hygienic and safe material that does not emit chemicals that could affect the taste of the beverage. In addition, glass bottles can be recycled and reused, which is beneficial for the environment. Even though glass bottles are a bit more fragile than bottles made of other materials, they can still be sturdy and durable, especially if handled with care.

The optimal relationship between juice and bottle manufacturer

Juice producers are companies or individuals that produce and sell juice. They can be large industrial manufacturers as well as smaller, local manufacturers. Here are some steps that can be taken when making juice: Fruit or vegetable selection: Juice makers select the fruits or vegetables they want to use for their juice. Preparation: The fruits or vegetables are washed, seeded and cut to make them ready for pureeing. Puree: The fruits or vegetables are pureed to extract the juice. Filtering: The juice is then filtered to remove peels and seeds. Pasteurization: The juice is then pasteurized to kill possible microorganisms and extend shelf life. Bottling: The juice is finally bottled or cartoned and sold. Juice manufacturers may also add additives such as sugar or spices to improve the taste and consistency of the juice. It is important to note that some juice manufacturers also add fruit juice concentrates and sugars to improve flavor and shelf life, which can affect the nutritional value of the juice.

If you are looking for high quality juice, then it is important to find the right juice manufacturer. There are many factors to consider when choosing a juice manufacturer, such as the quality of ingredients, the methods used to produce them, and the types of additives used.

Some juice manufacturers emphasize the use of fresh and high quality ingredients to produce a pure and nutritious juice. Others rely on the use of fruit juice concentrates and additives to improve taste and shelf life. Therefore, it is important to carefully check the list of ingredients and choose a juice manufacturer that does not use additives and concentrates.

Another important factor in choosing a juice producer is the type of manufacturing methods used. Some juice producers use cold pressing to extract the juice, which is considered a gentler method because the juice is extracted without the addition of heat. Others rely on pureeing and heating the juice to make it last longer. If you are looking for a juice manufacturer that offers higher nutritional value and a more intense flavor, you should choose one that uses cold pressing.

Finally, you should also pay attention to the quality of the packaging. Glass bottles are considered more environmentally friendly and hygienic than plastic bottles, because they can not release chemicals that affect the taste of the juice. If you choose a juice manufacturer that uses plastic bottles, for example, make sure they are BPA-free.

Overall, choosing the right juice maker is an important decision to ensure you get a nutritious and tasty juice. When making your choice, consider the quality of the ingredients, the production methods and the type of packaging to make the best possible choice.

Glass bottles for lemonade

Lemonade in a glass bottle is a popular choice for many consumers because it offers a durable, recyclable and tasteless packaging solution. Using a glass bottle for lemonade also has the advantage of better preserving the flavor and color of the drink, unlike plastic bottles that can affect the taste.

There are different sizes and shapes of glass bottles for lemonade, and they can be equipped with different types of closures, such as screw caps, fizzy caps and corks.

If you want to fill lemonade in a glass bottle, you need to provide a hygienic environment and equipment to ensure that the drink is clean and safe for consumption. It is important to thoroughly clean and sterilize the bottles before you pour the lemonade into them to avoid contamination.

If you want to sell lemonade in a glass bottle, you should make sure that the bottles have all the necessary certificates and markings to ensure consumer protection.

Glass bottles for water

Buy empty water bottles! Bottling water in glass bottles for sale is a common practice. Here are some steps that can be taken in this process:

  1. Water source: The water source used to obtain the water must be carefully selected. It can be obtained from a natural source such as a lake or river, or from a municipal water supply.
  2. Purification: The water must be purified to remove contaminants and microorganisms. Various processes such as filtration, ozonation or ultraviolet radiation are used for this purpose.
  3. Bottling: The purified water is then bottled. The bottles can be made of different materials such as glass, plastic or aluminum.
  4. Labeling: The bottles are then labeled to include information such as the expiration date, the origin of the water, and the type of water.
  5. Packaging: The bottles are then packaged and ready for sale.

It is important to note that the quality and safety of the water sold is regulated to ensure that it is fit for consumption. Compliance with standards and regulations, such as the EU regulation on the control of water intended for human consumption, is of great importance to bottled water producers.

Finally, the quality of the packaging also plays an essential role! Glass bottles for water are the sustainable alternative to plastic bottles.

In times of environmental awareness and sustainability, more and more people are looking for alternatives to plastic bottles for their drinking water. One promising option is glass bottles, which are not only more environmentally friendly, but also offer some health benefits.

Glass bottles are reusable and, unlike plastic bottles, can be recycled an infinite number of times, which improves their ecological balance. They are also BPA-free, which means no harmful chemicals can get into the water. Compared to plastic bottles, glass bottles also can not affect the taste of water and keep water cool longer.

When choosing glass bottles for water, it is important to pay attention to quality. High quality glass bottles are more resistant to breakage and cracking, which increases the longevity of the bottles.

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