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250 ml K-Longneck brown CC




250 ml


Kronenkorken (CC)


One way


175 mm


59.6 mm


145 g

Piece per pallet

4081 Pcs.

Minimum purchase


What is the longneck bottle?

The “longneck bottle” is a special type of beer bottle characterized by its long, slender neck. The term “longneck” comes from English and literally means “long neck”. These bottles have a longer neck compared to traditional beer bottles and are widely used in many countries.

The longneck bottle is usually made of glass and has a standardized capacity of usually 330 ml or 12 ounces. It has a slender shape that is slightly wider at the top of the bottle neck and then tapers towards the bottom. The long neck can make it easier to handle and pour drinks.

This type of bottle is popular in the brewing industry because it simplifies labeling and packaging. The long, straight bottle shape provides a good presentation surface for labels and advertising messages, making the beer’s brand highly visible.

The longneck bottle is commonly used for various types of beer, including lager, pilsner, and others. It can also be found in many bars, pubs and restaurants, where it gives guests a familiar feeling and is easy to stack and store. In parallel, the longneck bottle is also used for juice.

250ml Longneck brown bottle CC EW