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330 ml Ale blue CC




330 ml


Kronenkorken (CC)




238 mm


61 mm


300 g

Piece per pallet

2395 Pcs.

Minimum purchase


What is the ale bottle?

Ale bottle is a standardized beer bottle in the bottle size of 330 ml and 500 ml. It is widely used in many countries and breweries and is often used to sell ale beers, which belong to the category of top or top fermented beers.

Most ale bottles are made of brown or green glass, which helps protect the beer from harmful UV light that could affect the taste. The bottle is usually closed with a crown cap, which keeps the beer fresh and carbonated.

The shape of the ale bottle may vary slightly depending on the brewery and region. In general, however, it is slender and has a long, narrow neck section that leads to the closure with the crown cap.

Ale bottle is a popular choice for beer lovers as it offers a moderate serving size and is easy to transport. It is also widely used by many breweries due to its standardization and familiarity.

330 ml ale blue CC MW bottle