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A clear philosophy and values behind our daily actions are extremely important to us. In our view, there is no sustainable and successful business without intrinsic motivation and enthusiasm. Our joy for glass gives us the drive to constantly develop as a company, and to give the best for our customers every day.

Symbolized by our logo, the “glass bottle” is at the center of our activities. KP not only stands for the two company founders, but also represents “No Plastic/Kein Plastik”. We are absolutely convinced of the material glass as an ecological and universally applicable recyclable product, with at the same time great and diverse design possibilities!

Bottles for filling from KP Glas. We inspire through passion and service orientation.

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Many years of expertise in the glass industry

KP Glas focuses on personal support and high transparency. Through many years of expertise and extensive contacts with glassworks, KP Glas offers competent solutions for your bottle purchases, as well as fast and flexible deliveries. Our services are explicitly tailored to the needs of the industry and form an optimized overall package for the bottling industry, such as breweries, cideries, vintners, and many more.

The optimal glass packaging is often found in personal exchange. Please contact us, we are looking forward to meeting you.

Tobias Peukert

Managing Partner

Key facts about the company

Who we are

KP Glas is an internationally active supplier of glass packaging, specializing in glass bottles for the bottling beverage industry.

We are an international wholesaler of glass packaging for beverage filling: ✓bottle glass ✓glass bottles ✓float glass ✓filling bottles ✓brown glass ✓white glass ✓green glass ✓sustainable bottles

What we do

KP Glas creates added value for the customer through a high level of service orientation.

In which environment we work

Starting from the headquarters in Germany, KP Glas works with national and international customers and partners.

Our "Why

In everything we do, we believe in contributing value, improving things and breaking new ground with our solutions. We do this by:

KP Glas is your glass bottle supplier with outstanding service orientation. – We do more.

Nachhaltige Flaschen zum Befüllen

Added value - glass bottles for filling

Sustainability and environmental protection have become increasingly important in recent years. Many people want to minimize their ecological footprint and therefore attach particular importance to products that are environmentally friendly. Glass bottles are an excellent choice here, as they are some of the most sustainable packaging.

Glass bottles manufacturers produce a wide variety of bottles for filling. The selection ranges from small to large bottles suitable for various purposes. Breweries and winemakers often use glass bottles for bottling beer and wine because glass bottles have excellent durability and resistance to temperature changes. Glass bottles are also a good choice for bottling juices and other beverages. Juice bottles can be purchased in a variety of sizes, from small disposable bottles to larger bottles that can be used multiple times.

Glass bottles are not only sustainable, but also tasteless, which means that they do not affect the taste of the contents. When choosing glass bottles, you should pay attention not only to the size and shape. Some bottles are more suitable for certain purposes than others.

Overall, glass bottles are an excellent choice for those looking for sustainable and environmentally friendly products. They offer excellent shelf life, are tasteless and can be used multiple times. So, if you are looking for bottles to fill, consider buying glass bottles. KP Glas offers you a wide range of bottles and additional products, as well as the optimal service package for your glass bottle purchase.

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