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330 ml Vichy brown CC




330 ml


Kronenkorken (CC)




233 mm


61 mm


310 g

Piece per pallet

2888 Pcs.

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What is the Vichy bottle?

The “Vichy bottle” is a specific type of bottle often used for carbonated mineral waters. It is named after the French town of Vichy, known for its springs and healing waters. Vichy bottle has a characteristic design that distinguishes it from other bottles.

The Vichy bottle has a bulbous, round shape with a slightly curved bottom. The neck of the bottle is relatively short and has a wide opening, which makes it easy to drink or pour the carbonated mineral water.

Most Vichy bottles are made of clear or slightly tinted glass to make the drink visible and emphasize its purity.

Vichy bottles come in a variety of sizes, from small single servings to larger family bottles.

The bottles are usually sealed with a screw cap or crown cap to keep the mineral water fresh and carbonated.

The Vichy bottle is popular with mineral water producers because it presents the beverage well while preserving its carbonation and freshness. It is a well-known characteristic for mineral waters and is used by many companies worldwide.

330 ml Vichy brown CC MW
330 ml Vichy brown CC MW
330 ml Vichy brown CC MW